About Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society

We are saving lives one at a time

About Us

With an adoption center and two thrift stores, the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society serves the needs of homeless dogs and cats in the Branson, Missouri area. Donations and volunteers are critical to our success.

There's no way around it, when you have as many animals as we do, it takes many hands to get the job done well!

Supported by an involved, hands-on Board of Directors, the Adoption Center team works 7 days a week to care for the animals and ensure the center operates at the highest levels mandated by the US Department of Agriculture and in line with the requirements of Taney County Animal Control.

Board Members

  • Bob Huels
  • Shelley Rader
  • Penni Arney
  • Devra Leach
  • Brandi Beebe
  • Denise Olmstead

Advisory Board

  • David Arney
  • Scottie Earls
  • Eddie Erickson
  • Stephen Lane
  • Jason Bates
  • Brent Sager
  • Matt Grindstaff

Contact Information

Adoption Center :

2837 Shepherd of the Hills Expy  •  Branson, MO 65616  •  (417) 337 - 7387
Mon - Fri: noon - 4pm
Sat:  9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Shepherd of the Hills Thrift Store:

2837 Shepherd of the Hills Expy  •  Branson, MO 65616  •  (417) 337-8704
Mon - Sat: 9:30 am - 5 pm

Downtown Thrift Store :

306 N Veterans blvd  •  Branson, MO 65616  •  (417) 337-8702
Mon thru Fri: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 4 pm

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Our Mission

The Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society Mission Statement:
To aid in the alleviation of distress and suffering of animals, and promote their humane treatment through protection, placement and public education. To achieve this mission, it is intended that this organization will operate a shelter for animals in need of care, provide adoption programs for lost/abandoned animals, provide a lost and found pet service, promote spaying/neutering of all animals, and conduct educational programs for children and adults.


Adopting a pet can be a rich, rewarding experience that results in a lifetime of companionship, but having a pet isn't for everyone. Be sure you are ready to adopt. Visit our adoptable animals page to see who may be a good fit for your family.


Without our volunteers, it would be difficult to take such great care of our animals each day. Whatever your skill set or passion, we have an option for you to volunteer with the Shepherd of the Hills Humane society. And regardless of what you do, you will leave feeling rewarded and having made a difference in someone's day! Sign up today!


Fosters provide a temporary home for pets in our care while they are awaiting their forever home. Foster homes can help care for animals that are too young to be adopted or help animals transition from the stress of being at the shelter.